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Who I Help

I help technology companies create and develop content strategies that attract and retain customers. My background working as a digital marketer for tech startups taught me to effectively apply lean marketing strategies to the content I create. I don't believe in doing things because they sound good - I rely on smart marketing tactics to keep me agile so that I get results. 


You can't afford to waste time or money. Content marketing needs are unique, and you need a marketer who understands how to maximize results.

I work with very few companies at a time to ensure I'm able to deliver ROI. If I'm not available to work with you, I'm happy to meet for a free consultation to help you strategize your next move.​ I am super passionate about helping technology companies succeed, and I love to meet with founders and marketing teams to help strategize, even if it doesn't lead to a formal working relationship.

My professional experience includes working with early stage startups (SaaS, B2B, B2C) as well as large, established corporations. I worked in New York City for 11 years, including 4 years as marketing manager for SaaS startup Fieldlens (acquired by WeWork in 2017), before starting my own consulting business in 2016. I'm now based in Buffalo, NY. You can check out my full background here.


What Some People Say About Me

"Kelly joined Fieldlens when we were a very early stage startup, and she played an important role in helping our marketing team develop and execute strategies that led to substantial user growth in the competitive construction technology space. Over the years she remained an agile member of the team, able to quickly identify and apply new tactics to help us scale. Kelly understands how to iterate quickly, run small tests, and help figure out what is working and what is not working - essential at the early stages of product-market fit."

- Doug Chambers, VP WeWork (CEO/Founder Fieldlens)

"Working with Kelly is an amazing experience! I love her "can do" attitude and the way she dives into projects with so much excitement. She comes up with the best way to connect with your audience. She's a master at meeting people where they are and strategically bringing them along a journey that builds a relationship with your brand."

- Lindsay Marder, CMO/Gabrielle Bernstein, Inc.

"Kelly joined our team at a critical time in our company - we needed to show growth in sales and to prove a need for our product in our target market. Having worked with other marketers who frustratingly didn't understand the unique needs of a startup, I found that working with Kelly made a huge difference and a big impact. She was able to quickly identify how to best reach our target market, and applied lean marketing strategies that almost immediately translated to a huge jump in website traffic, sales and a growing awareness of our brand. The Buffalo startup community is fortunate to have a talented digital marketing specialist like Kelly! "

- Rachel Jackson, CEO/Founder Rachel's Remedies

"Kelly is such a talented, positive force, that I truly miss working with her. She makes any team better just by her being in it. She is so good at so many things (writing, marketing strategy, social media, project management, to name a few) that you can always count on her to consistently produce great results in a short period of time - regardless of the project. She was more than capable of quickly switching gears to ensure our team was meeting target marketing objectives - critical for a fast-paced tech startup. She helped us develop and execute on strategies that secured user growth and brand awareness, and was absolutely an asset as part of my team." 

- Adam Goyette, Vice President of Marketing at Help Scout 

"Kelly is a gift. I love working with her — she's an excellent copywriter who really understands the customer and cares deeply about everything she creates. Plus she's one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know!"

- Katie Karas, Editorial Director at Gabby Bernstein Inc.  

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